Browse Cabot Exterior Wood Stains Carried By NC Paints

NC Paints in Durham, NC carries a full line of Cabot exterior oil stains, acrylic stains and cleaners. We are Cabot stain experts and offer exterior color matching services for our Durham and Hillsborough, NC area customers.

Cabot Australian Timber Oil - Superior penetration into wood surfaces, significantly more effective than raw or refined linseed oil; accentuates the texture and grain of the wood. Tung Oil penetrates deep into hardwood surfaces to increase water repelency. It also remains flexible and will not flake or peel over time. Available transparent finish colors in: Natural, Mahogany Flame, Jarraah Brown and Honey Teak

Cabot Translucent 3000 Stain - See all the beauty of the natural wood with Cabot's deep penetrating transparent oil deck and siding stain available in pre-mixed: Natural, Redwood, Cedar and Heartwood

Cabot Semi-Transparent 0306 - Deep penetrating semi-transparent oil available in over 40 colors and available for custom color matching

Cabot Semi-Solid 1400 - Bring your deck together with a beautiful Cabot semi-solid oil finish

Cabot Solid Oil Stain 0600 - If you want a tough solid oil finish then this is for you.

Cabot Solid Acrylic Stain 1800 - Extremely tough and durable. Cabot 100% acrylic deck solid stain is a great finish trusted for many years.

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