How To Paint Your Fireplace with Romabio Limewash

Posted by Scott Godwin on

Are you sick of your red brick fireplace? Give your home a new fresh look with eight limewash colors and unlimited custom colors. Romabio limewash is easy to use and cleanup prefect for adventurous DIYer. Romabio Limewash is a mineral based product from Italy with zero VOC's and totally different than traditional paints. Get a quote from a Pro!

Romabio Limewash Fireplace Before Pic Durham NC

1. Clean and Prepare Brick or Masonry Surface - The first step for any painting project is cleaning the surface and preparing for painting. Prepare are by placing drop cloths, plastic and tape around brick fireplace. Luckily Romabio Limewash cleans up very easy if there are any accidents.On this fireplace limewash project I vacuumed and wiped down the brick with a damp cloth. My fireplace did not have soot from a previous wood fire so this was not a concern.
Applying limewash coating on brick fireplace North Carolina
2. Apply mineral based Limewash coating with brush, roller or sprayer. I chose to use a 3" Wooster Chinex brush and 4" Wooster Jumbo Koter Cirrus roller. Note: Must wet masonry (brick) surface prior to applying limewash. This will help washing off where desired to achieve the look desired. Don;t worry if you wash off too much you can re-coat. After the limewash dries you will be able to see through for partially transparent brick finish. Note: Must dilute 50% prior to applying and stir well.
3. Protect Your Limewash with Mineral Shield - After all that hard work I'm sure you want to "Lock-In" the finish. We recommend using Romabio Mineral Shield to be applied over the limewash with a garden sprayer. Very easy to use and low cost for the value it adds to keeping your fireplace looking it's best!
Look for finishing techniques on my next Romabio blog. There are many different looks and ways to achieve them. Call (919) 308-4984 and ask for Scott for Romabio information.