Browse Armstrong Clark Exterior Wood Stains Carried By NC Paints

NC Paints in Durham, NC has all 17 colors of Armstrong Clark exterior stain in stock. If you live in North Carolina you need a tough oil based stain, you have found the best available exterior wood stain.

Armstrong Clark stains are a traditional oil stain compliant everywhere - not a modified oil; no water. Can be applied in direct sun in the heat of the day. Can be applied to wood with up to 20% moisture. No peeling, cracking, flashing, or sticky shiners. No stripping, sanding, or media blasting on maintenance coats.

"Contractors love Armstrong-Clark Stains. Once a contractor uses this product they schedule their next jobs using Armstrong Clark" - Scott Godwin NC Paints

Able to walk on wet stain during application without having to back brush. Can be exposed to rain one hour after full absorption into the wood. No need for additional primers or sealers. If the 1st coat soaks into the wood within 60 minutes a second coat can be applied for extra protection. Armstrong Clark is the perfect solution for any exterior wood project!

Ease of Application
  1. Can be in direct sunlight and the heat of the day no matter how hot it is without the risk of drying too quickly or leaving sticky puddles and shiners.
  2. No wiping - soaking in period is 24 hours
  3. Can be exposure to rain only 60 minutes after absorption into wood*
  4. No stripping or sanding required on maintenance coats
  5. One coat coverage. A second coat can be applied "wet-on-wet" or "wet-on-dry" to softwoods for extra protection only if the first coat soaked into the wood within 60 minutes. Do not apply a second coat of Semi-Solids except on siding.
  6. Blending all containers before applying is not required
  7. Stain can be applied to wood with a higher moisture content - up to 20%; 15% is recommended for cedar shingles and redwood to help prevent tannin bleed
  8. Freezing after absorption will not affect newly applied stain
  9. Walk on stain during application without worries that footprints will remain.