Browse Cabinet & Trim Paint Carried By NC Paints

NC Paints Store in Durham, NC offers multiple Benjamin Moore trim and cabinet paint lines.

Cabinet Coat by Benjamin Moore - Water based tough urethane acrylic enamel perfect for DIY and pro contractors. INSL-X cabinet coat is available in satin ans semi-gloss finishes. NC Paints Durham's favorite water based cabinet paint.

Advance by Benjamin Moore -Advance offers exceptional application and feel with outstanding coverage and hide. Cures to a hard, furniture-quality finish. Low VOC even after tinting. Available in satin, semi-gloss and high gloss.

Door and Trim Enamel by Benjamin Moore - Waterborne Acrylic-Alkyd delivers the desired flow and leveling characteristics of conventional alkyd paints while also providing a tough satin or semi-gloss finish that stands up to repeated washing. Available is satin and semi-gloss.