NC Paints paint store in Durham, NC carries a full line of Tri Tech paint sprayers. All our high-tech airless paint sprayers use Precision Motor Control, PMC and are designed to perform at maximum efficiency with the most consistent spray pattern compared to the competition. Our machines are manufactured with precision with ONLY high-grade stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum. Our equipment is manufactured and designed for the professional painter.

  • All Tritech airless sprayers use Precision Motor Control PMC
  • The microprocessor is programmed to perform at maximum efficiency for each tip size ensuring consistent spray at all pressure settings.
  • Motor speed is synced with pump output to create consistent fan pattern at any pressure settings. Excellent for fine finish work with stains and lacquers or high production painting jobs.
  • The circuit board is designed to withstand real-world conditions and potential irregular voltage delivery from generators or temporary service like seen on new construction. All components in the Controller are made in America.
  • The on-off switch has thermal overload protection and also serves as a circuit breaker to protect components in low voltage or power spike conditions.
  • The electrical components are cooled by a heat sink which utilizes airflow to draw heat away from the control box.
  • The control box and heat sink constructions are made from high-grade aluminum. Unique directed air flow over the heat sink keeps the motor and all control components cool for increased reliability. The control box has gasket seals on the front cover plate and back plate to keep all internal components dry and clean from contaminants.
  • Low-speed priming and cleaning extend the service life of the fluid manifold.
  • The T4 Motor produces 1.1HP
  • The T5 Motor produces 1.3HP
  • The T7 Motor produces 1.6HP
  • The T9 Motor produces 2.1HP
  • The motor cover is manufactured from high grade aluminum. Aluminum conducts heat away from critical components unlike plastic which is an insulator and keeps the heat in. The motor cover and control box unique designs promote the efficient use of air flow to optimize horsepower and extend the service life of the motor and controller.
  • Steel cut and precision ground gears transfer the power of the motor to the pump/filter manifold with high efficiency and less noise. The special synthetic grease used also helps to transfer heat extending bearing and gear life.
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and drive-train. Additionally we will replace the motor brushes if they are worn. The special composite material used extends the brush life so it is unlikely you will ever wear them out.
  • A unique design for inserting the piston while repacking the pump ensures correct alignment through both packings. Slide the piston into the intake valve assembly and thread intake valve into the pump manifold. It’s that easy! No hammering required!
  • Tungsten carbide inlet and outlet ball outlast stainless steel balls increasing reliability.
  • There is one manifold for both the filter and the pump section. Large porting connects the pump to the filter. There are no hoses to get damaged. It’s easy to clean and promotes proper drainage to keep the filter and pump manifold clear of any debris or dirt. This prevents damage due to freezing.
  • Aerospace grade materials are used in the pump. No component in the fluid manifold will ever rust. Long duty life of packings, piston rod, and seats. A large ported manifold has unrestricted material flow and ease of proper maintenance. A large all stainless filter screen with outside in flow makes maintenance fast and easy. The filter bowl is hand tight so access does not require tools.
  • Pressure relief valve housing is made from high quality stainless steel and the ball and seat are made from Tritech proprietary carbide blend for even longer duty life and reliability.
  • No tools needed to access/remove the suction set or intake valve assembly. Only 2 bolts to remove/attach the pump and filter manifold to the crank housing!

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