TriTector Airless Pump Protector Power3 - Final Rinse Lube

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TriTector airless spray system barrier is chemically engineered with POWER3 to clean, lubricate and protect your spray system. It gives you the power you need to extend the life of your system against the harsh agents in today’s latex coatings as well as solvent based coatings. The POWER3 formula keeps foreign materials in suspension in between uses – ready to flush out quickly before your next job.

TriTector is a water-based product, so fire hazards during clean-up are eliminated and you don’t have to be concerned about disposal problems associated with solvent-based products on the market.

TriTector’s POWER3 formula provides the same benefits for other water-based pumping systems including pressure washers, chemical sprayers, liquid sand blast machines and water based material applicators.