Romabio Matte Ecodomus Interior Mineral Paint - Transparent Base - 1L

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Romabio Matte Interior Mineral Paint (Transparent Base)

1.06 QT (1 LITER)

Matte Interior is awesome for walls in the bedroom and living room with a flat, modern finish. It’s washable and a mineral paint with a dead flat sheen that won’t be blemished by oils and grease, including food stains such as ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. Recommended two coat application with a primer on painted drywall.

Hypoallergenic | Asthma-Free | Solvents: 0% | VOC: 0 g/l

An eco-sustainable paint product that is a washable, oil & stain-proof paint. The matte finish appears flat, providing excellent coverage and luminous paint surfaces, yet is extremely durable and washable.