Romabio Satin Ecodomus Interior/Exterior Mineral Paint - Transparent Base

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Satin Interior/Exterior Mineral Paint

Satin Interior/Exterior is perfect for inside or outside trim, bathrooms, and kitchens. It has more sheen than our Low Lustre finish, soft like an English satin finish with low reflection for walls and trim.

On exterior wood trim, you need to use a primer coat of MicroGrip Primer and two coats are recommended. Repaints are possible on existing acrylic painted surfaces.

An eco-sustainable paint product that is washable, oil stain-proof paint, featuring an English Satin sheen with a non-plastic finish.

Hypoallergenic | Asthma-Free | Solvents: 0% | VOC: 0 g/l

Modified Potassium Silicate Mineral Paint 

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